About the Writer/Blogger

Hey people! I’m thesecretmermaid and I like to think I’m a super interesting person (something about having a blog seems to suggest that). My interests are mainly creative; I love writing anything from short stories to short pieces on just about anything to a particularly dynamic sentence that pops into my brain. I also enjoy reading (when I have that time; I know, it’s a terrible, flimsy excuse that I will acknowledge), listening to anything from Ke$ha to Demi Lovato to Priscilla Ahn, sipping chai tea and watching Disney movies. I study History at George Washington University and am double minoring in Sociology and Creative Writing. I’m also a tutor in my school’s Writing Center and volunteer with international women’s organizations. I dream of traveling the world, being a published author, owning a large hypoallergenic dog and living in a Victorian style home. Welcome to my blog!


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