Souls in Moments

July 26, 2012 § 2 Comments


I believe we see souls in moments. Present moments. That rarest of realities, where the meaning of time goes all topsy turvy and every human emotion, experience seems to collide in that magnificent explosion called Right Now. People often mistake “moment” and “second” as mutually exclusive terms. Time measurements. Nothing more. I disagree. A second is something constantly ticking away on a clock. A moment is an almost other-wordly experience, except it’s really just experiencing and recognizing this world, feeling it suddenly, fully, catching a glimpse of its true nature and then…gone.


A boy lying in grass almost too green, the kind clearly enriched with some sort of chemical you could buy at your local Walgreen’s. His finger tracing a yellow dandelion, his mouth lopsided, his eyes wide. Behind him is a house with a swimming pool and a trampoline and a man with a well-pressed suit and a leather briefcase. The boy sees the dandelion.

A woman on a train that jolts and sways on a track that screams. She presses her purse against her chest and holds an umbrella between her knees. Her coat has a hole in the elbow. She’s got a stray wisp of blonde hair resting on her shoulder. Her eyes look at the ground, almost sleepily, but they do not close. Only stare. They are staring at the base of the metal pole in front of her, the pole gripped by a dozen drowsy commuters. She stares and stares, does not blink. 

A young girl leaning against a glass office building on a street corner. All of the people stream by. She’s smiling one of those smiles that dreams of something far away. She’s swaying her knees and her eyes look away, away, away and they glisten will all that is good and she’s smiling. Sometimes her lips part to draw in a breath that mixes with a sigh of remembering someone wonderful.

A woman walking along a highway, carrying heavy grocery bags that bear ironic slogans.
The fleeting look on a girl’s face after all the laughing and smiling is done with the new man who decided to sit next to her at the bar.
A boy reaching for the next branch in the tree, or deciding to climb back down.
An old man standing at a fence, gripping it tightly and frowning.
A baby lying alone in his crib when his first night on this Earth shrouds everything in darkness.

These are souls.

These are moments.


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