Making Life Worth Living

July 15, 2012 § 1 Comment

Credit: Carol Rutz, Carleton College

I truly believe we all need something that makes us want to live. Some say, life’s wonderful. And they really believe it, these people. And whose to say they’re wrong? They’ve got it as their screensaver or crocheted on throw pillows. They say, There’s so much life has to offer, so many opportunities, so many moments of glory and beauty. I’m not saying I disagree. But I find life’s only truly wonderful when I feel I’ve made it work for me. Taken hold of some of its strange complexities and molded and mashed them into something I can understand or appreciate from a distance. Instead of being whirled around in the middle of it all, a silent screaming victim, I stand up to the Man. I say, I’ll Do Something About You, I’ll Try to Figure You Out, I’ll Speak, I’ll Share with the Rest of Us. All the people trapped inside the fury, who can only see churning black water, not the whole ocean.

So yes, we all need something to make live worth living. Because living, being in this world, existing at all can make you go crazy. It can make you want to shut yourself in a room and never come out again. Life can be wonderful, but who really gives a damn if you don’t have something to do? A purpose? Something that makes you feel you’ve wrested a bit of control, like you’re not a puppet in a play, a fish in a fishbowl?

For me, I write. Therapists would call it an “emotional outlet” or maybe even “coping mechanism.” I call it my reason to live. I write, and staring at the words on the page, I feel I’ve finally raised my voice. I’ve said my piece. Done my job. Lived some of this life in the way I’ve understood it. And really, what more can I do? Can we all do?

What do you live for?


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