It’s Funny

July 3, 2012 § 1 Comment

It’s funny.

I’d like a banged up knee, a really bruised one tinged green. One I’d get suddenly, unexpectedly, nothing I could prepare for. I see myself running through woods that smell like pine and crushed leaves, feeling needles jab at my elbows, moist air fill up my mouth till I nearly drown. And then I’ll fall. A twisted root jutting through the soil, perhaps a jagged boulder. The woods will whirl around me, all just a blend of pine and dewdrops and histories come and gone. And then that sudden jolt of pain will vibrate my body all the way down to my ankles, that sudden awareness of self. Blood staining brilliant orange leaves.

Or else, I’d like to see Titanic and actually cry this time, cry till I thought my heart would give out. And if it did I’d die next to the dusty downstairs TV, the one with lots of static, and I’d die with tear drops on my eyelashes.

It’s funny, I’d like to really feel.


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