Inspiration (or Some Cool Links)

June 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

Today I thought I’d share a few cool links that may help get those creative juices flowing. Or just be cool to check out. Hereee they are! 

I swear to God, there’s something about instrumental music. Get away from the non-stop Katy Perry on your radio and disappear into this playlist. I close my eyes to it and a million different stories flicker in front of my eyes. It’ll also knock you out for a killer nap and give you that glowy the-world-is-alright feeling.

Ignore the fact that this is Lifetime, and hit play. Real, genuine in-depth interviews with women about absolutely everything. Breaking free, becoming whole, loving yourself. WATCH.

At some point I’ll definitely post a couple specific videos from this site, but for now, just explore it all. I’ll admit I’m a bit of a nerd. I like learning, and I like learning from people who know about something that I don’t. TED is filled with lectures on literally everything and anything-this isn’t your Chem 1001 lecture. There are talks on self-worth, on creativity, on playing, on identity. Different cultures. Global issues. Different talents. It’s fascinating, it’s enlightening, and it’s most definitely inspiring. You MUST check this out!

And lastly…this is a painting a friend did on my back. It’s supposed to represent Heaven and Hell. Regardless of whether or not this particular painting inspires you, I encourage you to check out body art! I became totally obsessed. Something about transferring art to the human body, to feel it on your skin, bubbles of paint and dried acrylic…I couldn’t get enough! It’s also super therapeutic and relaxing. My friend and I still get together to do body art. She enjoys exploring her emotions of that particular day, and I become her canvas. It’s like a whole new kind of dialogue. Try it!



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